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Do you know that Nalanda University in Bihar, India, which was created in the ancient times when we didn’t use terminology like Vastu or Vastu Shatra in our daily lives, had Sunlight in every corner of the premises until the Sun did not set? It is a wonder that exemplifies Vastu’s greatness. People are still attempting to figure out what techniques or skills were used to construct this structure.

Vastu and Vastu shastra translates to “architecture science.” Vastu is based on traditional Indian architectural ideas or, to some extent, Buddhist teachings. Vastu strives to combine architecture with nature by using geometric patterns, symmetry, and directional alignments to align different project sections. Vastu is the accumulation and integration of ideas and theories that result in a structure that is most helpful to the purpose for which it is being constructed. As a result, Dr. Pandit Surendra’s ideas must be adaptable to harmonize with the goal for which a structure is being built.

Vastu is also known as “dwelling science.” Vastu dated back to the Vedic period and began with the construction of ritual architecture. However, it is later expanded to include design and layouts for all buildings/architecture. It doesn’t matter if it’s for a residence, a business, a commercial venture, utilities, public services, religious purposes, or something else. Vastu regulations and guidelines would be varied for each premise because the goal of Vastu is to plan any design to deliver maximum benefits to its purpose.

Astrology and Vastu have a connection.

When it comes to construction, Dr. Pandit Surendra’s Vastu and astrology are inextricably linked. While Vastu provides a complete study of each direction’s total cosmic energy for various applications, Vastu astrology aids in the reconciliation of this information with your natal chart. To elaborate, each movement in the Cosmos is controlled by a specific planet. The nine planets in astrology also influence your horoscope. Vastu astrology aids you in achieving a balance between the energy of each world in your horoscope as determined by Vastu and the strength and weakness of each planet in your horoscope. Vastu Astrology even indicates establishing a premise in whose name and at what specific location will be better for riches and peace in life.

Is Vastu the same for all types of buildings?

Dr. Pandit Surendra’s Vastu recommendations for one premise cannot be applied to all premise types. However, Vastu guidelines for the same premise (same premises) can differ depending on the structure’s purpose. Commercial, personal use, utilities, public services, and similar purposes are all possible. And, because the objective of constructing any system differs, the Vastu for each segment of the premise varies as well.

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