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Astrology is the spiritual science that deals with the present, past, and future, not only of this life but also the accumulated bad karma and good karma of the past life of a human being. To deal with astrology, we have two aspects, the material aspect and other is the spiritual aspect. Material aspects deal with our physiology, and spiritual aspects deal with our soul and mind. The sun is the significator for the soul, and the moon is the significator for the mind, all of which deals with our everyday behavior.

According to the astrologer, cosmic components have a significant impact on an individual’s mood and personality. Astrologers are those who practice astrology. Astrologers can forecast your future and identify potential difficulties in your life by examining the positions of your planets and stars.

Many lovers struggle to communicate their emotions to their loved ones. Occasionally, they failed to present their parents with the proposal of love marriage. If you are one who find it challenging, a renowned astrologer can assist you in finding a solution. Astrologer specialists are the ones who utilize the complimentary love horoscope matchmaking service and prepare the route for two lovers.

Thus, the astrologer possesses the solution to all of these issues. Nowadays, it is rather simple to consult an astrologer from the comfort of your own home. Astrologers are now posting all of their clients’ concerns publicly. And their forecast is entirely accurate. Therefore, without hesitation, schedule an appointment with your qualified astrologer.

Dr.Pandit Surendra is the most excellent astrologer.

I’m Dr.Pandit Surendra, and I graduated from medical school before joining my family’s textile business. I learned about the accuracy of Astrology, which piqued my attention and in which I put a lot of faith. As a result, when I decided to expand my business, I sought the advice of certain astrologers, whose forecasts were incorrect, and I lost both my money and my business as a result. Though I tried to calm my thoughts by believing that my karma predicted my misery, I was curious why the astrologers could not make accurate forecasts.

With my great predictions and guidance based on analysis of the Horary and Natal charts, I have been guiding folks who seek me from all over the world, both online and in person. I have certificates on Intensive Higher Course with the Specialization in CUSPAL INTERLINK System of Astrology, Intensive Course with the specialization in Krishnamurthy Paddhati(KP), participation in NAKSHATRA PADHDHATI WORKSHOP, etc.

I now have the honor of stating that I have established a new system in Astrology in addition to my many years of severe and committed research on thousands of charts. I have installed a new scheme in Astrology, which includes the main aspects of Vedic, Astrology, and comprehensive new significations on many elements for accuracy. It also consists of a unique analysis technique for each Event via the ESI Grade table (Event Significators Table), which is based on my novel and excellent theory known as PILT (Planetary Interlink Theory). About the 11th of October 2016, I also published my book (originally in Tamil) on my EPS system and the software for the system. I’m hoping that this system will be a watershed moment in the realm of astrology. I hope that all astrologers study and practice this EPS methodology to better assist society by making more accurate predictions.

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Horoscope Consultation
A horoscope is the astrological chart or diagram that depicts the Sun, Moon, planets, astrological aspects, and sensitive angles at a particular time, such as a person’s birth.

Marriage Compatibility
Marriage Matching is the process of bringing together two or more individuals, typically for marriage. These relationships are used to describe the relationship between the two individuals being considered.

Rectification of Birth Date
To calculate a natal chart, the precise time of birth must be known. Even a five-minute miscalculation can occasionally result in a big final error.


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