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Foreign Travel


Every vibrant and energetic person’s dream is to settle overseas for a brighter future. What are your thoughts if you, too, want to travel abroad? Is that something you can do? Will I be able to get work in another country based on my date of birth? Will you be able to see into your future? Certainly not! Distant settlement astrology by date of birth, on the other hand, can reveal your likelihood of visiting foreign countries. Yogas for international travel and foreign settlement in astrology are now thought to be a stroke of luck. The ninth house, or ‘Bhagyasthan,’ is responsible for international travel and accommodation in the birth chart.

Will you travel overseas based on your date of birth?

Foreign travel by the day of birth is highly essential in Dr. Pandit Surendra’s astrology. Your birth date will influence whether or not you will be able to go on a foreign tour. Your birth chart can reveal your chances of traveling overseas. The reason you wish to travel abroad has an integral part in determining the likelihood of you visiting a foreign country. In contrast to now, in the past, out-of-country travel and settlement occurred only in unpleasant situations, such as exile or when a person abandoned the country for whatever reason. As a result, the twelfth house was thought to be the signifier of such international excursions in the birth chart. The Dwadash Bhav was traditionally regarded as evil, and foreign travel in the horoscope had ominous connotations.

Benefits of Traveling Abroad According to Your Birth Chart

The most reasonable questions that come to mind whenever one considers moving abroad for study, work, or permanent settlement are: Does my birth chart indicate overseas travel? When will I be able to travel overseas based on my date of birth? What are the advantages of traveling abroad according to international astrology? Will traveling abroad based on my date of birth be beneficial to me? All of these concerns are understandable, and one must evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of each before making a final decision to travel abroad. This is critical because the decision to go or move abroad is a logistically significant decision that will affect your life for a long time. Dr. Pandit Surendra will first explain the benefits of international travel to a layperson and then verify whether traveling abroad by date of birth will benefit you. Naturally, before making a final selection, you must consider your financial capacities.

Horoscope Factors that Influence Foreign Travel

Dr. Pandit Surendra will now discuss the characteristics of a foreign birth chart relevant to international travel and settlement. Houses, planets, and zodiac signs (rashis) are used in astrology to determine the likelihood of overseas travel and settlement. Dr. Pandit Surendra will now discuss all three factors in the context of foreign astrology.

Astrology’s Planets and Abroad Settlement

Let us look at the relationship between planets and foreign or overseas settlements in astrology. Dr. Pandit Surendra will examine the Grahas that play a vital part in producing yogas of out-of-country settlement in natives’ foreign birth charts.

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