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Birth Time Rectification




It’s just as crucial to know your exact birth time as it is to know your actual name. The importance of accurately determining the birth time is necessary for computing a natal cart. The importance of birth time rectification in astrology is highlighted by the fact that an error of one minute can change your entire horoscope.

Now you can find out your exact birth time, down to the second. Dr. Pandit Surendra has solved the primary difficulty facing the science of astrology, which was the lack of accurate birth times.

The horoscope, also known as Janampatri/Kundli, is a map of the skies that depicts all the Grahas and is calculated using the exact place of birth, the precise day of delivery, and the very hour of labor. The horoscope is a one-of-a-kind chart; no two people have the same one.

Predictions should only be made based on a carefully constructed Horoscope, according to Vedic Astrology’s teachings, which is why Vedic Astrology can identify an individual’s essence and temperament in a subtle and personal way. Out of the three conditions for a horoscope to be cast, namely date, time, and place of birth, we are usually sure of the date and place of birth, but the time of birth is not always accurate. It is due to various factors. One, a watch was not available at the time of birth for noting the exact birth time; or, if one was available, it was showing a wrong time, such as plus/minus ten minutes; or, the doctor and nurses noted the time but not the exact time of delivery because their primary concern was the child’s safety. Beyond that, because there is so much disagreement on the precise definition of birth, it may be the time when a part of the baby’s body is first seen; or when it makes its first noise; or when the infant begins to breathe; or when the umbilical cord is severed.

Dr. Pandit Surendra is an expert in all aspects of ‘Nashta Jatakam’ (Lost Horoscopy). They have skillfully merged these formulas with those found in another important branch of Vedic Astrology known as ‘Nadi Astrology,’ as well as a recent discovery in the area of Astrology known as the ‘KP System.’

Dr. Pandit Surendra is obtaining stunning outcomes on the front of ‘Birth Time Rectification’ or ‘Janma Samay shuddhi’ due to all of this work.

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