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Nadi Astrology’s One-of-a-Kindness

Since the beginning, this has been our Dr. Pandit Surendra’s defining strength. Have you ever considered that your fate has been written hundreds of years before you were born? Nadi astrology is unique in this way. The planets’ positions at the time of birth are used in Vedic astrology to make predictions. Dr. Pandit Surendra, on the other hand, uses the Nadi leaves to determine the seeker in Nadi astrology. The leaf, not the other way around, is the one that seeks out the human. The seeker approaches the appropriate Nadi reader at the proper time, and the leaf reveals itself to the seeker at the proper time.

What causes us to have problems in life?

According to Hindu dharma, no one can escape the never-ending cycle of life and death unless their karma is cleared. During one’s lifetime, karma cannot be wholly accumulated or erased. It survives the ages with them. All of these births and deaths cause the soul to anguish and long for liberation. Unless the native finds an alternate path through divine intervention, the circle is vicious and will enrage the soul. Throughout our lives, this manifests itself as stress and tension. Through illness and pain, this misery eventually leads to disease (dis-ease) and death.

Your life’s blueprint – Nadi leaves

When individuals and their family members are unable to find answers to their issues, everyone becomes frustrated. To deal with their problems, they turn to religion (gods and goddesses). Because the gods and goddesses are not readily available to the commoner, this is a highly inconvenient and roundabout means of finding a solution. The ancient sages were aware of this issue and wrote cryptic notes to assist us in erasing our karma and breaking free from the cycle of life and death. Dr. Pandit Surendra’s Nadi astrology is the methodology behind these Nadi leaves.

Vedic astrology and Nadi astrology are two types of astrology that are used in India.

Let’s look at the differences between Vedic astrology and Nadi astrology. We’ll find that Vedic astrology is based on men’s arithmetical calculations, whereas Dr. Pandit Surendra’s Nadi astrology is based on Maharishis’ spiritual power and is already inscribed on palm leaves. In most circumstances, ordinary people’s arithmetical forecasts are likely to fail. This is because most people are unable to record a child’s birth time precisely. This is primarily because they are frightened and tense mentally at the time. This is also tricky because, according to astrology, the exact birth time of the child involved is when the child’s head emerges from the mother’s body. Due to this inaccuracy, the birth ascendant and planetary position is incorrectly computed, resulting in an incorrect prediction. The native is so dissatisfied.

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