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The appropriate career or profession choice, combined with proper career astrology at the correct time, can dramatically change a person’s life. A career should be chosen based on one’s innate aptitudes and interests, as well as what your career horoscope suggests. Choosing a career solely based on inheritance, social trends, or family pressures might be dangerous. Therefore, I’m not going to start writing by looking at a job horoscope right away. However, Dr. Pandit Surendra will first explain a layman’s perspective when a career horoscope should be consulted for the finest career recommendations.

Career Astrology’s Impact on Job Selection

According to the current education system in India, Dr. Pandit Surendra’s Kundali reading for a career starts assisting a person from the time of selecting a subject after 10th or 12th grade. This may alter if education rules change, although the change will be minor, such as in 11th grade. I hope this clarifies my point. The most crucial decision in a career horoscope reading is choosing the proper subject at the correct age and stage. However, many people do not place enough emphasis on this.

What to do for a living or a business based on your birth chart

Everyone cannot be both an employee and an employer. A specific sector of profession or vocation may fit you as an employee, but as an employer, it may not. The primary house to consider for career alternatives in Dr. Pandit Surendra’s career astrology is the 10th house. Then I look at some individual houses, such as the 10th, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 11th houses, and the Lords of these houses.

Govt job in your horoscope

The strength of certain planets and houses in your horoscope also plays a role in getting a government job. A government position is supported by two planets, most notably the Sun and Moon. Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter are other planets that help the government’s work. A government job entails authority and recognition. The Lord of the 10th house in a birth chart is primarily supportive of government work opportunities. Therefore both should be powerful and favorable. People aspiring to the highest levels of government service, such as IAS and IPS, should have a substantial 10th house and its Lord.

Should I change jobs because I’m not getting promoted?

Promotion or a change of employment for general betterment is the most major motivator for persons in occupations. The sixth house is concerned with your job; the ninth house is concerned with the solidarity of the sixth house; the eleventh house is concerned with things relating to the sixth house. Another difficulty arises because I was due for a promotion, but others were given it; when will I be promoted, or should I quit? Dr. Pandit Surendra, a Vedic astrologer with extensive knowledge of the 6th, 9th, and 11th houses, is the most acceptable person to deal with these concerns. When changing employment, it’s not uncommon for people to do it in a panic or out of sheer rage.

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